BGMI UC Purchase: Price, How to Buy UC at Lowest Price with Discount Offers, and the sky is the limit from there

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To make things simpler for you, we have assembled this article so you can buy UC in BGMI easily.

Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) is here and of course, it has gotten a moment hit since its dispatch. The fight royale game brings practically every one of the highlights that were available in the PUBG Mobile. This likewise implies that the game offers a huge load of enticing things including new characters, weapon skins, vehicle skins, acts out, and then some. Notwithstanding, to get the vast majority of these things, you need UC or Unknown Cash.The in-game money permits you to buy various things in BGMI. In any case, how you can buy UC in BGMI? What are the various bundles offered in the game? Would you be able to get a few limits on buying BGMI UC? Questions like this definite bewilder each gamer. Along these lines, to make things simpler for you, we have ordered this article so you can buy UC in BGMI effortlessly.

What is UC in BGMI?

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BGMI UC Purchase: Price, How to Buy UC at Lowest Price with Discount Offers, and the sky is the limit from there 4

UC or Unknown Cash is an in-game money that is utilized in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Players can buy the in-game cash utilizing genuine cash and they spend it on different things. Players can spend UC to buy containers, outfits, firearm skins, friends, acts out, adornments, treasures, Battle Pass, vehicle skins, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Buying the UC in Battlegrounds Mobile India is quite basic. You should simply follow these means:

  1. Open the BGMI application on your Android cell phone.
  2. Go to the Lobby and you will see a UC symbol at the upper right corner. Tap on it.
  3. You will be then taken to the UC Purchase page. There you will have a wide scope of alternatives for buy UC.
  4. Pick up the bundle you need to purchase and tap on it.
  5. You will see a Google Play installment door spring up. Presently enter your bank/card subtleties and make the installment.

When the installment is made, the UC will be consequently credited to your record. You would then be able to utilize it to buy various things in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Rundown of BGMI UC Packages, How Much Free UC Does Each Package Offer

PriceUCFree UCTotal UC
Rs 7560 UCNA60 UC
Rs 380300 UC25 UC325 UC
Rs 750600 UC60 UC660 UC
Rs 1,9001500 UC300 UC1800 UC
Rs 3,8003000 UC850 UC3850 UC
Rs 7,5006000 UC2100 UC8100 UC

The engineers offer a wide scope of bundles for BGMI UC buys. Curiously, you will get a set measure of free UC on the off chance that you purchase more UC from the game. For instance, you can get 300 UC for nothing, on the off chance that you first buy 1500 UC in BGMI. That being said, here is a full rundown of UC bundles accessible in Battlegrounds Mobile:

How to Get Discount on BGMI UC Purchase?

Albeit, the engineers offer free UC benefits when you buy it in-game, yet you are not getting any markdown with genuine cash. In any case, there are sure courses through which you can by implication get limits while buying UC. You can buy the Google Play credit independently from various sites that offer some cashback offers and utilize the credits to buy UC in the game. Here are a few sites that are offering a few limits on Google Play credits.

Amazon Pay

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BGMI UC Purchase: Price, How to Buy UC at Lowest Price with Discount Offers, and the sky is the limit from there 5

Amazon Pay is as of now offering some extraordinary limits on the acquisition of Google Play credits. In the first place, clients can get Rs 50 cashback when they buy Google Play re-energize utilizing Amazon Pay UPI. This implies you would first be able to utilize Rs 100 Google Play re-energize to get the cashback and afterward utilize the Pay Balance to get a markdown on the following acquisition of Google Play. So for instance, assuming you need to purchase UC worth Rs 380, you would first be able to make a Google Play re-energize of Rs 100 and get Rs 50 cashback. Utilize this cashback to buy Rs 280 Play credit. This will viably cut down the expense for Rs 230. This implies you purchased 325 UC for Rs 330.


Paytm is additionally offering some fascinating cashback on Google Play re-energize. New clients can utilize GP300 and get up to Rs 300 cashback on the acquisition of the Google Play re-energize code. Clients can get Rs 30 cashback with the acquisition of Rs 105 to Rs 499, Rs 50 cashback for buy between Rs 500 to Rs 999, Rs 70 cashback for buy between Rs 1000 to Rs 1,499, etc.

Would you be able to Can BGMI UC for Free?

No, there are no sites or applications that credit free UC to your Battleground Mobile India profile. These are simply deceitful sites, so you ought to know. Notwithstanding, there is a workaround to get free UCs. There are some applications like Google Opinion Rewards and more through which you can get Google Play credit that thus can be utilized to buy BGMI US. This is what you need to know:

Google Opinion Rewards

The Google Opinion Rewards application is likely truly outstanding to procure some Google Play credits. The application is made by Google and permits you to bring in some cash by partaking and finishing short overviews. You can download this application and complete short studies to get Google Play credits. When you acquire sufficient credits, you can basically buy UC in BGMI. This implies you are getting BGMI UC free of charge as it were.

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