Soul Mortal’s BGMI ID, affectability, and format codes uncovered

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Naman “Mortal” Mathur is an expert Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) esports player for Soul Esports.

With the mix of being totally unimaginable in his game while at the same time turning into the second most followed BGMI content maker on YouTube, Mortal has gotten one of the numerous essences of gaming in India. He is accepted to be among the absolute best in-game pioneers to at any point effortlessness the scene.

The 24-year-old drove Team Soul to two significant successes: the PUBG Mobile Club Open and PMIS 2019. Notwithstanding the mercilessness, slaughter, and killing in the game, Mortal shows the attitude of a priest when he is driving the group.

Alongside his esports vocation, the gamer is likewise a popular substance maker on YouTube, where he transfers live and has a supporter tally of over 6.6 million. He was as of late selected for the Streamer of the Year grant at Esports Awards 2021.

While duplicating Soul Mortal’s affectability and control can help youthful gamers, it is prescribed to change the settings as per their playstyle.

An outline of Mortal’s BGMI subtleties

Mortal’s BGMI details

Soul Mortal's BGMI ID, affectability, and format codes uncovered 3

Mortal’s BGMI ID number is 590211476. His in-game false name is SouLmorTal. The expert has played a sum of 136 positioned games and has a success proportion of 11.8%.

With more than 423 completes up until now, Mortal’s K/D stands at 3.11. He has a 21% headshot exactness, which shows his point accuracy. Mortal plays positioned games and as of now sits at Crown V level in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Perusers can investigate his insights in BGMI:

Mortal’s control code

Mortal is a 4-finger hook player. He shared his control code during his new livestream. Control code: 6974-6239-1907-3395-486

Mortal’s affectability code

Mortal uses the gyrator highlight to step up his game abilities. Affectability code: 6974-6239-1907-3395-483

Players have the choice to set their affectability settings physically.

Camera Sensitivity:

• Camera (free look): 100%

• 1st Person Camera: 70%

• 3rd Person No Scope: 100%

• 1st Person No Scope: 88%

• Red dab, Holo, Aim Assist: half

• 2x Scope: 30%

• 3x Scope, Win94: 22%

• 4x Scope, VSS: 14%

• 6x Scope: 12%

• 8x Scope: 10%

• TPP Aim: 40%

• FPP Aim: 40%

Ads Sensitivity:

• 3rd Person No Scope: 100%

• 1st Person No Scope: 88%

• Red speck, Holo, Aim Assist: 1%

• 2x Scope: 1%

• 3x Scope, Win94: 1%

• 4x Scope, VSS: 1%

• 6x Scope: 12%

• 8x Scope: 10%

• TPP Aim: 1%

• FPP Aim: 1%

Whirligig Sensitivity:

• 3rd Person No Scope: 300%

• 1st Person No Scope: 300%

• Red speck, Holo, Aim Assist: 300%

• 2x Scope: 300%

• 3x Scope, Win94: 251%

• 4x Scope, VSS: 160%

• 6x Scope: every available ounce of effort

• 8x Scope: 59%

• TPP Aim: 30%

• FPP Aim: 20%

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